PCYUG supports customers representing all sectors, from financial services to government departments and manufacturing. Take a look at what they say about PCYUG and the value they get from the services we offer.

“We’re highly impressed by how professional and helpful PCYUG has been at every touch point.”

River and Mercantile Group

“By far the best data centre operator we deal with globally.”

Openwave Mobility

“Saving engineering hours, increasing productivity and making continual, effective improvements, while knowing we had everything backed up in a virtual environment meant things became simpler as we opened more stores, not more complex. PCYUG were also able to adapt their original planning to take account of each challenge at each site. We’re now looking to PCYUG to add even more value and efficiencies in the future, possibly through Cloud technology.”

Day Lewis Pharmacy

“Since 2009, PCYUG has worked closely with my team and we’ve developed a strong relationship. We first selected PCYUG to supply connectivity. This grew into providing Infrastructure as a Services for a few clients and finally into support for our colocation and connectivity services. We trust PCYUG to deliver the services we require at the right price point and always with high SLA terms. We value their support and look forward to continued success.”

The Blueprint IT

“The whole aim of finding a trusted partner like PCYUG, was to mitigate against disaster and make sure there were never any periods of downtime. We now have near enough 100% uptime and much more confidence in our procedures to escalate and troubleshoot. If it means we need engineers on site at short notice on a Friday night, we know we’ll get them.”

Day Lewis Pharmacy

“We caught up ten years in two. Young people expect to be able to use our services on their tablets and phones from the moment they walk in the door. As do our trustees. So it was a major plus be able to create this faster, more modern environment. There were challenges, but PCYUG understood them and were able to adapt their original plans to meet them. We’ve ditched the tapes, knowing our data is now continually backed up remotely with SAM and our new helpdesk function means all our staff are benefitting from using IT that’s up to the job.

Queen Elizabeth's Foundation

“When our Leased Line went live, we actually couldn’t measure how fast it was, because it was off the speedtest charts! We are so excited about the upgraded level of service we can now offer our customers and with increased productivity who knows what we are now capable of! PCYUG have become a trusted advisor for us on all things connectivity and IT infrastructure related, they are an extremely valued extension of our IT arm.”


“We are delighted to offer guests of the Hilton and Hampton by Hilton the optimum connectivity possible, in order to keep them connected away from home. High quality internet connection is very much in line with the superior quality found throughout the other hotel facilities. PCYUG was the natural partner for us in this regard, offering the quickest connections with the highest quality service.”

Hilton & THAT Group

“We can depend on PCYUG to resolve the issues that we don’t have the time or resource at a remote branch location to deal with. PCYUG is very responsive and is not only meeting but exceeding SLAs we have in place, they are flexible, responsive and it means you don’t need to employ a whole team to work on day-to-day support issues.”

DB Schenker

“The response times are excellent – on almost every call we log there is an engineer on site within four hours. PCYUG provides a top quality services from a dedicated, knowledgeable team.”

ADP Dental

“It was an impeccable changeover. PCYUG managed the project really well and everything went very smoothly. It’s the confidence factor that PCYUG delivers for us – we have peace of mind as we know we can rely on them. I can honestly say that the PCYUG team has never let us down.”

Langley Grammar School

“PCYUG are commercially strong, we had experience with them and knew they had a strong technical team and a professional approach. The migration could have been fraught with issues but with PCYUG it was seamless. I am very happy with the service and wouldn’t hesitate to give a reference to anyone considering using PCYUG for their service desk.”

David Lloyd Leisure

“PCYUG’s IT infrastructure is second to none and has allowed me to spend my time 100% on business growth rather than IT worries. It has enabled us to launch huge projects with customers’ data secure and 100% customer satisfaction through resilient connectivity. One of the main reasons we chose PCYUG over any competitor was that they were able to work with us to reach our business-critical deadline for installing Bournemouth’s free public WiFi.

Fusion Wifi

“With PCYUG we didn’t need to sacrifice any of our requirements, we were able to be completely open about our challenges and PCYUG accommodated for these straightaway. We chose PCYUG as they were very easy to communicate with on our requirements and reactive to the influencing factors of the busy event. Their Service Level Agreement was fantastic and they delivered on time. The internet Connectivity was excellent and allowed our staff to operate service as usual on an outdoors site, which made management of the event much easier.”

Diamond Sporting Group

“I would strongly recommend PCYUG to other businesses. As I see it they are vital to the success of our IT department and it’s clear that there is an excellent working relationship between technicians on both sides. PCYUG provide core data centre infrastructure expertise, can work at pace and enable global network connectivity quickly and ensure that communication is always at the right level to give peace of mind.”


“The speed of being able to connect anyone across PCYUG’s network provides our clients with great performance and value. We now compete with and even outperform the usual suspects within the cloud market. With the close relationship we have with PCYUG we offer a cloud solution that stacks up well against the competition: its proven with our clients to be significantly cheaper, with an improved SLA, with often greater than 50% improvement on performance per instance and all supported from the UK.”

The Blueprint IT

“We looked at a number of different providers and PCYUG exceeded all of our requirements. With a face-to-face relationship and a company that we can grow with, it was a clear decision to choose PCYUG.”

Protect Line

“We chose PCYUG as they fitted in with all our criteria: they could offer the same colocation services as our previous provider for a fraction of the proposed cost and with much greater customer service, Bournemouth’s location relative to London meant that we could quickly and easily relocate to the new colocation centre, with less than 2 hours’ travel time. Furthermore, PCYUG could guarantee the security, connectivity and reliability that we needed, together with a dedicated account manager which we had never previously had.”

Aspect Enterprise Solutions

“Since taking up PCYUG’s services, we have been able to guarantee a consistent, agile service to our customers without having to bear an increased price. The peace of mind provided by PCYUG’s security, continuity, UK location and cost mean that instead of fretting over our IT we can concentrate on improving our business and providing the best possible service to our customers. However, it is the level of customer service that PCYUG and our dedicated account manager can provide that has proven to be the greatest difference.

Aspect Enterprise Solutions

“PCYUG is providing an essential lifeline for us in helping to make the whole of the Isle of Wight a viable spot to live or do business online.”

Natural Enterprise

“The service environment at PCYUG’s Bournemouth Data Centre is first class.”

Protect Line

“Having a visionary company waiting in the wings to help you realise your requirements is invaluable when it comes to bringing new products to market – PCYUG’s unique flexibility has allowed us to further extend our network by interconnecting 3 of our colocation racks to the same core network, providing even more connectivity options for our customers.”


“We have not had a single glitch, so I am glad our invested trust is looked after by PCYUG. The breadth of services available would suit any growing business in the communications world, the sales, service delivery and finance teams are outstanding, and that is not often said about larger operators.”

Securus Communications

“We are very pleased with the service we have received from PCYUG and the solution they have created for us. Our customers’ data is extremely secure and in terms of our business, the private circuits will ensure open access efficiency between our office and Data Centres.”


“It gives me great pleasure to partner with PCYUG. The service offerings of both of our companies complement each other and will benefit our customers immensely. The PCYUG Partner network provides Virtustream’s customers with the ability to connect to multiple company locations seamlessly and transport their data using PCYUG’s high performance MPLS network nationwide.”


“As suppliers of services to HM Government and to major international institutions such as the European Central bank, Fincore pride ourselves on the quality of service that we give to our customers. Because of this, we seek to work with suppliers that have the same high standards of excellence as we do. We have found that PCYUG, is one such company. Using PCYUG means that we know that we are backed up by an organisation that consistently delivers what they promise and therefore it is a pleasure to provide a testimony to our experience of their quality.”


“We have worked closely with PCYUG for a long time and we are more than happy with the quality of service and reliability of technology we receive from them. We hold the highest standards for our customers, and hold a huge responsibility with the fan base that tune in, and have never had a problem providing a perfect service.”


“Being on the PCYUG Partner Network is a great benefit to Onyx Group; we are thrilled to facilitate the demand from the market of top quality infrastructure with unbeatable managed services combined.”


“We wanted to offer our customers a whole new service of the highest calibre and security, PCYUG have fulfilled those requirements with great comfort and have supplied us and our customers with a highly redundant, resilient platform with the benefits of IBM Pure Flex Systems.”


“As a company we have been using PCYUG since they located to Bournemouth in 2010. We have always enjoyed a great working relationship with the staff, due to their commitment to us as Partners. Their technical knowledge and ability to work with us to support our customers is, in our opinion, the first reason to use PCYUG however the great news is that you do not have to pay a premium to get this sort of service! I look forward to the next 4 years.”


“We are delighted to be working with PCYUG whose reputation for secure high speed networks is second to none. By optimising our data centre connectivity credentials, this collaboration helps us to continue to build our clients’ data advantage and power commercial growth.”

Digital Realty

“We are thrilled to join the PCYUG Partner Network; with PCYUG’s Colocation and Connectivity we have a secure and reliable foundation for Indigo’s Cloud. Using a range of well-connected data centres means that we have locality, availability and carrier-grade connectivity built into our solutions. Recent change in both the NHS and education marketplaces has seen a significant uptake in Indigo’s Cloud and Communications services with the local data centre giving our customers the confidence they need to start their journey to the Cloud.”


“The migration completed successfully; we feel like we have moved from a bus shelter to the Ritz.”

IT & Cloud Services Company

“PCYUG’s Technical Account Management team are fantastic, the process means I can report directly to someone who I am confident knows my requirements and can help swiftly. The Technical Account Manager is immensely helpful for proactive plans and how to mitigate impact from network upgrades where possible, keeping our connectivity and streaming services from PCYUG seamless.”


“I instantly found PCYUG to be an endearing company rather than being an arrogant corporate entity. I thought PCYUG came across with good down to earth and honest values and seems like the sort of firm that is basically keen on doing a good job for its customers. Which, in this day and age of “rip-off” Britain, is something worth applauding.”


“Working with PCYUG has been a real pleasure. In particular I have been consistently impressed with your level of responsiveness and the manner in which PCYUGhas always rallied at short notice to address any queries or resolve problems. The entire PCYUG team has always treated us patiently with respect and politeness and have been enjoyable to work with. Claire, our account manager has often gone beyond the call of duty to ensure that Mouchel has experienced a seamless service while the technical teams have never hesitated to respond intelligently.”


“The PCYUG support team have been invaluable with their knowledge, patience and persistence. A recent project has included working with a US based 3rd party which has required working late into the evening at no trouble to PCYUG – however, the great service from PCYUG extends beyond one project; the exceptional service when migrating our servers into the Bournemouth data centre went above and beyond.


“Thank you PCYUG, your support team staff are faster than a speeding bullet.”


“I’ve always found that the PCYUG support has been very helpful, fast and efficient in working towards a solution.”


“I have used PCYUG for several years and could not be happier with the responsive service I have received. The multiple VMware IaaS services along with the Connectivity service has enabled me to run the CRM for my website and voice platform seamlessly. A special thanks to the support team at PCYUG who have provided outstanding levels of expertise and guidance at all hours.”

The Hill Consultancy

“PCYUG’s breadth of service offerings, highly supportive attitude, and commitment to customer support impressed us straight away. We had no hesitation in adopting PCYUG as our cloud provider, confident they could deliver what we needed in terms of high-speed connectivity and a Virtual Data Centre offering. End user experience and feedback has been extremely positive as a result.”


“The service and support from PCYUG is outstanding; prompt, friendly, and highly knowledgeable. When combined with their clear and competitive pricing, excellent added-value services, and choice of data centre locations, they are difficult to beat.”


“PCYUG have provided us with 100% uptime, providing us with the confidence and reliability we require. They have been very helpful 24/7 for any queries or questions we may of have and act quickly on any account requests. I would highly recommend them as a supplier for any company with business critical applications.”


“I’m extremely pleased with the connection. A traceroute from my office consistently shows 4 fewer hops to a couple of Cobalts that were previously hosted with Easily in Harbour Exchange. The emphasis that you place on latency is also very evident when working remotely via SSH.”


“We’ve been able to take advantage of incentives from the UK government to get a 1Gb Leased Line installed, and PCYUG have taken care of absolutely everything else meaning we can continue with our business as usual. They understand what it takes to create the vibrant ecosystem we have in Bournemouth, and their support will help have a huge impact on a lot of the innovation happening here on the coast.

We Are Base

“Why didn’t we do this sooner?! Getting significantly improved internet connectivity through the Connection Voucher couldn’t be easier with PCYUG, all I had to do was confirm my business address and they looked after everything else for me, their remarkably high quality service was friendly and non-patronising. We are going to be happy for many years to come that we took the opportunity while it was here and saved so much on the install thanks to the scheme. The faster connection will significantly improve our business and I would recommend PCYUG unequivocally.”

Farley & Thompson

7digital logo“PCYUG’s consistently advanced and increased IT infrastructure has allowed us to remain competitive and innovate ahead of other services, most recently we were able to upgrade our catalogue to hi-res audio, which has been done ahead of other major services in the business. HI-resolution audio files are 10 times the size of standard MP3 and 23 times the size of the smallest streaming file format. Getting these larger files takes an extreme amount of coordination and negotiation with rights-holders. Without a simple solution for storage, it would have taken us much longer to upgrade.


“As our company continues to expand, we view PCYUG as an extension of our own network – allowing us to light up sites based on customer demand with lead times in the days rather than weeks. PCYUG has removed some barriers and has enhanced the experience we can offer our customers, which is of utmost importance to EX Networks.”

EX Networks

“Our customers require rapid provisioning and diverse connectivity solutions. PCYUG gives very high levels of reliability and is provisioned in days which is often important to Virtus customers.”


“By managing our own core services using PCYUG – Sharpstream now has more flexibility to offer to its customers. We can now build core streaming environments on the fly to suit a variety of different applications, this was something that took careful planning before the roll out. Additional Tier 1 transit options give us the confidence and scale to further develop our international offering while also giving us an easy upgrade path should we wish to add more POP’s – nationally and internationally.”


“Openwave Messaging is a leading provider or carrier grade email, Openwave is required to support 99.999% uptime email operations for major Carriers across the globe, any outage is critical and has immediate customer impact. In 2013 OW selected PCYUG data centres based on their reliability, geo diversity, cost effectiveness and also for the ease of doing business with them. PCYUG was critical to the success of our UK operations and proved themselves worthy of our trust by maintaining our target uptime over the 2013-2015 period for our application.


“I’m delighted PCYUG have continued to build upon their already extensive portfolio of services at Volta, offering our customers direct connectivity to Amazon Web Services via their SP Connect service. At a time where test, development and pre-production environments can be spun up with ease, PCYUG are enabling customers to take advantage of both Volta’s “Power by the Hour” utility usage model, and AWS’ scalable compute, storage and database services.”


7digital logo“Great account management, wonderfully reliable service. We like that PCYUG are constantly innovating and bringing new services, always open to new ideas and not pushy about selling every service they offer. We get to know their team members at all levels of the organisation and feel like they are committed to our success, care who we are and take pride in
good service.”


Cognita Logo

“PCYUG offered a complete service, which was instrumental in the success of the project.”


Investec Logo

“Telephony is one less thing to worry about as it is so easy with PCYUG and Cisco.”


BrightCloud logo

“We first approached PCYUG over seven years ago for colocation and connectivity services. Since moving to PCYUG, we have experienced 100% uptime and receive a consistently reliable and efficient service. We have recently signed an expansion of colocation and networking, and look forward to continuing our long-standing relationship.”

Andy Grover, Technical Director, BrightCloud Technologies

“We are a 20 year established digital agency and our client base includes organisations with significant hosting and 24/7 support requirements. These can be driven by the business critical nature of the website and CRM integration or even greater significance for public service websites like Merseytravel and Electricity North West where outages can directly affect people’s daily lives. The service provided by the PCYUG team has supported the high standards of delivery and responsiveness we have to maintain, day and night, for our UK and global clients. The recent transition to the new PCYUG infrastructure itself has given us even better reliability, scalability and ongoing up-time KPIs.”

Stuart Lane, Managing Director, Appius International Ltd

Aspect Enterprise Solutions Logo “PCYUG provides us with data centre support for our hosted servers. It does a great job providing consistent network reliability. We appreciate and thank the team involved in the support, planning and execution of our service.”

Srinivas Pithani, Infrastructure Specialist, Aspect Enterprise

“The Leading and Motivating a Team Effectively course had great content and was delivered clearly using a range of styles. It was well structured, delivering exactly what was set out at the beginning. I would recommend this course for all levels of management.”

Nathan Galleysmith, General Manager, Healthcare computing