Our Wireless survey or Wi-Fi survey services are primary function to calculate critical deployment considerations such as Wi-Fi coverage, access point locations, interference and network cabling requirements. A site survey is essential to the planning and design phase prior to the installation of a wireless network across a premises or location. There are different types of WiFi site survey, due to the complexity of requirements we have designed to assist you in choosing the one that meets matches your environment. they generally consider factors such as premises size, required coverage, number of devices (capacity), current infrastructure along with interference and building construction..



  • Any public cloud service

  • Recommendations based on need

  • Lowest possible TCO

If you are still unsure which survey is right for you, please call and we will be happy to help.
1. Diagnose issues with network traffic and network capabilities and the suitability of any existing infrastructure.
2. It's important to ensure your vital services run without any issues, so we design your network from the ground up with this in mind.
3. We will inspect and test your existing infrastructure to ensure it is fit for purpose and scalable for your business needs.
4. One of the most important aspects is ensuring you can connect when and where you need to. .

Desktop Survey
Wi-Fi Verification
Outdoor Wi-Fi
One of the most important aspects is ensuring you can connect when and where you need to!
Detailed Reports
All of our survey reports include the following as standard.
1. Wi-Fi coverage maps in both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz
2. Photographs of AP locations
3. RF Interference
4. Cabling requirements
5. Network switches
6. Equipment list .

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Technical features

  • PCYUG multi-tenant cloud hosting platform
  • Partnerships with major public cloud providers

  • Static or rapidly scaling workloads placed appropriately

  • Ongoing orchestration and support of all services