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Networking Solutions

A network that has been set up correctly will help improve your businesses through technology performance, reducing overall costs and enabling focus on your internal IT resources so you can focus on business growth initiatives - rather than building and managing network infrastructure.

PCYUG Offers Wired, Wireless, Business Connectivity Firewall & Outdoor Installations. Contact us to discuss your network projects, network issues, IT service requirements or for hardware quotations. Our experts are proficient with the entire process and therefore attain ideal perfection while undertaking the services.
We provide all types of structured cabling for network, telephone and security camera's as well as complete network deployment, configuration and server Solution Desktop Deployment.
We take great care to safeguard the impact of wireless hardware on your business premises and provide complete end to end structured networking, which includes racks, switches, patch panels, patch cords cable managers, information outlets, cable laying , wireless networks , including all of the brands with complete installation , testing & support.

Pre-Network Installation Services.

Whether you are in the very first stages of WiFi network design or require an in-depth survey of your wireless environment, we are here to help. Professional planning before installation ensures that the commissioned solution is able to meet all pre-defined requirements and can save a great deal of time, money and disruption to your business. When employed to carry-out an onsite WiFi survey, Ensign will provide a 100% guarantee on the coverage of the installed solution.

Physical Network Installation Services

Our professional installation services ensure that your wired or wireless network is implemented to the highest standard. Ensign's services include the installation and testing of network cabling, wireless access points, network hardware such as WLAN controllers, network switches and firewalls, and other equipment such as racks, IP enclosures and POE injectors.
▪ Wired Networks
▪ Wireless
▪ Data Cabling

Wired Networks.

Wired Networking Connectivity services are performed by our skilled technical experts using the best grade fiber optic cables, routers, WI-FI devices and modern networking technology. The offered services are carried out as per the client requirment. We are renowned for providing excellent customer service, working to tight deadlines often. A wired network uses cables to connect devices, such as laptop or desktop computers, to the Internet or another network. Ethernet cable for LAN is the most common network cable we install.
We provide Wired connection services to University offices, classrooms, laboratories, residence halls, and public spaces for the fastest network and internet access on campus.

We are able to:

▪ Cable Runs
▪ Moves and Changes
▪ Network Design Considerations

The following are critical considerations a network design.

Network topology
Layer 3 routing
Capacity planning
Network cabling

Get the work done, on time and in budget

Wether a temporary or permanent network fixture is required, our teams of engineers are compartmentalised into teams to deliver the best experience for our customers. We take pride in offering smooth installations.

Top Network Services:

  • Site Survey

  • Cabling Services

  • Installation & commissioning

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