Local Area Network

Pre-Network Installation Services
We have engineers across the country to install and manage your LAN as required. Our support team will keep your people operating and our planning team will be able to recommend any other solutions that may enhance your connections we tend to use industry leading top brands for switches, routers and firewalls to keep your company information safe, available and moving. We provide lan cabling services Under the expert guidance of our qualified professionals. features of the services include:
• Secure and safe wiring
• Clear voice and video transmission
• Longer

Wide Area Network
» Wide Area Network Complete Networks provides tailored Internet access solutions for its clients from ‘wires only’ circuits to fully managed solutions including firewall, backup, and intrusion detection. In modern business reliable Internet access is expected and any downtime affects everyone. Whether you are looking for a new or upgraded network solution, contact Complete Networks to discuss your needs – whether it's a wide area network, wireless, LAN or LANs or a bespoke combination. LAN bandwidth has increased dramatically over recent years and 10Gb is fast becoming commonplace for edge to core connectivity. It's when your business or organisation needs a wide area network to cover the distance between different geographic locations that you need more bandwidth. But bandwidth is expensive and our design team firmly believe that making best use of it is just commonsense.

Physical Network Installation Services Our professional installation services ensure that your wired or wireless network is implemented to the highest standard. Ensign's services include the installation and testing of network cabling, wireless access points, network hardware such as WLAN controllers, network switches and firewalls, and other equipment such as racks, IP enclosures and POE injectors.

Indoor WiFi (WLAN) Installations Professional indoor & outdoor wired, WiFi & wireless LAN data, voice and network security system installations for business and industry.

Outdoor & Public WiFi (WLAN) installations Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let PCYUG know.

Wired Network Installations Where it all started; Ensign Communications started life over two decades ago as a wired network installation company so it’s fair to say, we’ve seen it all. From Cat5 and Cat6 structured cabling to Fibre Optic cabling and Leased Line Replacements, our services cover everything from consultation and design to installation, testing, comprehensive IT support and maintenance options.



  • Any public cloud service

  • Recommendations based on need

  • Lowest possible TCO

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Technical features

  • PCYUG multi-tenant cloud hosting platform
  • Partnerships with major public cloud providers

  • Static or rapidly scaling workloads placed appropriately

  • Ongoing orchestration and support of all services