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IT Services

IT Services PCYUG Technologies offers IT Services (FMS, AMC, Break-fix) Users can get support for their devices whenever and Wherever they need it. Global IT services 24/7 round the clock are available for different sectors. This Service provides for the installation, maintenance and removal of Computing Hardware, and accessories that users require to allow them to perform their normal role. no matter what brand of computer you are using. Our certified professionals team will make it to work for you. With experience and skills in providing IT Service and Support solutions we have contributed in the success of many business. PCYUG Offers Professional services, Training solutions & Migration Support for Banking software and other technical expertise.

Desktop Support | Installation & Configuration
GET IT Support for your Computer & Electronic devices 24/7 round the clock whenever and wherever you need it.This Service provide you the installation, maintenance and removal of Computing Hardware, and accessories that you require to allow you perform your normal role. Computer Hardware Service include: Desktop PCs, Laptops, Monitors, Printers, and The types of accessories available include: Keyboard, Mouse, Toner and Ink cartridges, It is also possible to Log Personal Computing type faults using this Service OWNER.



  • Any public cloud service

  • Recommendations based on need

  • Lowest possible TCO

Field Services For customers who want an On-Site IT resource to support their employees but don’t want the responsibility of Hiring and employing the talent they need, PCYUG Provides Field Services & On - Site Support When complex IT environments fail.

"At PCYUG, we respond as quickly as possible to correctly identify your equipment problems. Guaranteed!"

Roll-Out & Trainings If you’re debating the best ways to train employees on a new software rollout, there’s good news: You’re already ahead of the curve.

PCYUG offers use a systematic approach covering all areas of your company’s activities. Current and future training needs are identified and priorities assessed. We will look at job tasks, the technology used and specific skills needed to perform the tasks with that technology. We identify the gap or areas of improvement and then suggest suitable training solutions and recommend providers that comply with budget and time constraints. Thus a training plan will be created to make the most effective use of your available resources. PCYUG provide Resources at PAN India for Sessional training.

PCYUG provide support for Installation and Configuration of Wi-Fi & Computers - Printer, Scanner, Biometrics, Routers, Projectors, UPS, Switches,

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