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Cabling is the foundation of any good network. Although mostly not seen, it is the part of the network that delivers your voice and data to the right place pretty much instantly. It needs to be the appropriate network cable for what your business needs it to do and it needs to be reliable as well as budget friendly. At the very first meeting with you and / or your staff our engineering experts will listen carefully to the requirements of your business and your plans for the future. They will then recommend the network cable that is best suited to your business, size of business and sector.

Complete Networks has considerable expertise with network cable whether it's copper voice and data cabling or fibre optic cabling. Once your network design is agreed and finalised, Complete Networks will order and install the appropriate network cable. Our engineers take great pride in their work and have that crucial and enviable experience of working in challenging and diverse environments. Whatever your site or network design, our engineers will professionally and skilfully install your network cable to ensure it meets manufacturer specifications. Complete Networks also provides a network cable patching service which means that your data cabinets will be easy to maintain as well as being exceptionally tidy. Using colour coded and custom length patch leads of the appropriate specification, our engineers will patch or re-patch your data cabinets to the highest professional standard. The picture below shows a data cabinet before and after a re-patching exercise by Complete Networks.



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