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CCTV Surveillance

CCTV Surveillance Systems

A close-circuit television (CCTV) system, including cameras, monitors, digital video recorders (DVRs), and network video recorders (NVRs) has become invaluable for not only helping to detect but also to powerful deterrent of property crime , such as anti-social behaviour, theft and criminal damage, and for evaluating stored images as an investigative tool. It allowing you to provide surveillance and protection for your business. However, CCTV is much more than surveillance for protection – it gives you eyes in the sky to manage and optimize on-site inventory and productivity even when you’re not there!.

CCTV Surveillance System for You
We can evaluate your site and Determine the innovative, affordable alternative that suit your specific needs to ensure that deliver rapid and appropriate responses to crimes or Security threats. Government, institutions and enterprises of all sizes are realizing an urgent need to visually monitor all the activities.

Here, we run through these types of camera and what makes them unique and more suitable for some venues over others.
What are the different types of CCTV cameras?
Dome Camera
Bullet Camera
C-mount Camera
Day/Night Camera
PTZ Camera

Quality Surveillance Systems
There is currently a vast array of CCTV Cameras and equipment on the market due to the many site specific and environmental conditions that need to be considered when designing a practical CCTV System. • Bosch
• Samsung
• Speco Technologies
• Pelco
• Panasonic

Going Beyond Simple CCTV
The technology for today's CCTV systems has greatly improved over the last few years making it easy and affordable for businesses and homes alike. Browse through our wide range of CCTV cameras that fulfill different requirements and pick the one that suits your need the best.
• Analog and IP camera solutions
• High definition resolution
• Motion-activated light and sound deterrence
• Night vision technology
• Infrared detection
• Off-site monitoring and control



  • Commercial CCTV

  • Face Recognition Cameras

  • Remote Viewing

Available Services:
• Commercial CCTV
• Domestic CCTV
• Face Recognition Cameras
• Remote Viewing
• Digital Video Recording
1. Bullet type CCTV cameras:
Bullet cameras are long and cylindrical in shape and are ideal for outdoor use. Their strengths lie specifically in applications which require long distance viewing.These are the smaller and cheaper types of cameras to install if you want to capture images in a fixed location, particularly pointing in a specific area.

2. Dome CCTV cameras:
It works in two ways as it is unobtrusive but visible, thus, it warns people that the area is protected by a CCTV network and gives comfort to its clients for its security. therefore people especially clients are assured of their safety especially if used in a business premise. One single camera can be used to cover a wide area.

Dome IR Camera:
As the name indicates, a dome camera with night vision facility is called a dome IR camera. They are very common now a days in indoor installations. They provide a quality look, as well as night vision facility. The distance it can view in night depends on the number of IR LED’s used in the camera. More the IR LED’s more better the vision in night.

3. Day/Night CCTV camera:
These cameras have the ability to operate in both well-lit and poorly-lit conditions. They do not have infrared illuminators and therefore can capture very clear images and videos in all light conditions, even in darkness. 4. HD CCTV cameras.
The camera is ideal for outdoor surveillance applications, where Infrared CCTV cameras cannot function optimally.

5. C-Mount CCTV Cameras:
Coming with detachable lenses, C-mount cameras allow for simple lens changes to fit different applications. Instead of using a standard camera that can only cover an area of between 35 and 40 feet, a C-mount camera can use special types of lenses, which can cover a larger area.

6. Wireless CCTV Cameras:
These are highly flexible CCTV cameras especially in installation. Some are IP-based while others use alternative modes of wireless transmission.

7. Discreet CCTV cameras:
These types of cameras allow for discreet placement which means you can capture good footage of theft and criminal damage. They are best to use in situations where you want to monitor the activities of people but you do not want them to be suspicious.

8. Network/IP CCTV cameras:
allow transmission of images through the internet with controlled bandwidth. Network cameras are ideal for both domestic and commercial purposes because you can see what’s going on whilst away from the property.

9. PTZ(Pan-Tilt-Zoom) CCTV Cameras/Speed Dome Camera:
PTZ cameras allow the camera to be moved left or right (panning), up and down (tilting) and even allow the lens to be zoomed closer or farther. These cameras are used in situations where a live guard or surveillance specialist is there operating the security systems.

PZT Benefits:
200m IR night vision
X36 optical zoom
High-quality image resolution

10. Infrared or Night Vision CCTV cameras:
These are designed to be used for evening applications.It captures images with the help of its infrared lighting surrounding its lens.

Quality Installation and Service:
PCYUG offers technologically advanced CCTV surveillance cameras that will help you keep an eye on your home. we install & integrates by knowledgeable and experienced professionals home security system with laptops, televisions, smartphone or tablets thus enabling you access to your home and security system, no matter where you are.We strive to be the best in the industry, and guarantee your satisfaction.

Surveillance system needs covered:
• Professional system installation
• System configuration and training
• Maintenance and repairs
• Free telephone tech support
• 24/7 emergency service
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