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About Us

Our Team

PCYUG has a team of certified professionals who are ready to help you as needed. Whether you need a regular ten hours a month to help with data input or sixty hours to help with data migration. Not only are our specialists trained on the major learning and talent management platforms, they also have experience working with multiple clients in multiple industries. This gives them perspective on best practices to make sure that you are not just getting the job done, but that it is getting done right.


Endow with IT solutions and services, with a long-term relationship based on 'Trust' throughout the Globe.Continuous focus to enhance the quality management system with the IT solutions products, services. Creating friendly and motivated environment to empower employee to perform more satisfactorily results to our customers. To develop a Culture deprecated on strong work Ethics & Transparency in all our transactions with the client's Business process.


PCYUG was incorporated in 2011 with a vision to provide excellence IT Solutions  & Support Services for Domestic & International clients to be the recognized leader in providing reliable business solutions world-wide through computing and creative excellence by providing high-quality and cost-effective solutions.

PCYUG is committed to delivering quality services to meet highly sophisticated business process requirements with the combination of good business principles and nice deprecated culture in addition with the latest technologies, helps us to produce quality Services in a stipulated time period.

Our History

PCYUG TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD began in the Delhi area in 2011 when a company Owner, who had worked in the residental  business for one year. For the next  year the company grew slowly, working mostly on small scale residential projects while gaining a reputation for quality services and reliability. In 2012 company maintained a Service license in the state of Delhi.  Despite its late success, in the mid-5th the Company began shifting its services line focus into  wide open Area and different region & Cities in the IT market. Now, nearly 7 years later, the PCYUG Company is the nationally known standard for IT Service Provider. The Company has also established solid niches in the Staffing, Payroll, Backup Engineer, FMS services and Man Power support services in the Market.

Installation & Configuration Services


Installation & Repair services

Common problems with printer are printer not printing, paper jamming, printer taking too long to print, printed text looking lousy etc. Scanners have their own set of problems. Just book a case and let our experts resolve the issue for you.

Popular problems with scanner are scanner not responding to scan command, scanner showing busy status all the time, computer or laptop freezing when scanner is working and scanner not detected by system. Book an expert for all types of printer troubleshooting and printer repair services. 

Laptop & Desktop Support

 Technological equipment's like laptops and computers play a crucial role in our lives. They have become communication tools which have made our lives easier. However, if these devices malfunction, PCYUG provides instant solutions to bring them back to life. PCYUG'S PC and laptop repair service is an expert in solving software and hardware related issues, OS issues and removal of viruses. Our professionals are computer and laptop repairing experts who have in-depth knowledge of gadgets and gizmos. 

Onsite Technical Support

We provide support services to address your issues on call. Call our Customer Service executive or submit your request online, our tech support staff will get in touch with you. Services for Consumers/Professionals.

We have earned the reputation of providing reliable services as partner and service provider of some of the leading companies with long-term support and consistent success.We have resolved over thousands of customer’s Computer/Network problems with high success rate and customer satisfaction Levels. 

Migration & Upgrade Services.

 MAKING THE MOVE from existing infrastructure to new infrastructure is not a job to be taken lightly. You must weigh factors beyond the time & money necessary to perform the migration. Training costs of IT Staff and employees plus the impact on user environment can make the up gradation much more expensive then its first appears. our core expertise and over a decade experience, comes into the picture to make every operation smooth even after the up gradation of OS & applications.

verification and Asset tagging services

PCYUG Provides superior Physical verification and tagging services of Fixed Assets to organizations across all industries as the first step to implement Enterprise Asset Management.This helps in knowing exactly what assets you currently have, where these assets are located and how these assets are changing over time, and allows a company to keep track of details of each fixed asset, ensuring control and preventing misappropriation of assets.

Comprehensive and complete physical verification exercise of all the organizations Fixed Assets.

Fixed assets physical verification and tagging

Physical identification (floor to book & book to floor) and labeling of the assets with special bar coded labels.

  • Capturing of the following Fixed Assets information electronically: Barcode number, Description, Location,Fixed Asset Classes Departments and Cost Center's, Serial numbers.
  • Matching of the output of the verification exercise with existing records. A process of linking the asset values in the existing records and the assets tagged at each location is carried out.